Cape Armitage Hike

The day before we left McMurdo for WAIS, we took a hike on to the sea ice and
around Cape Armitage.
View of McMurdo from the sea ice
This is McMurdo, in all it's glory.  Mount Erebus, which is not visible from
within McMurdo, is in the back ground.  Observation Hill, to the right, is
this next picture.  Or hike takes us to the right in this picture.
Observation Hill
Obs hill for short.

Mt. Erebus pluming
Mt. Erebus started to plume as we were hiking.

Observation hill again
A wider angle of the last picture.  What a beautiful sky!  McMurdo is behind
the hills in the center of this photo.
Scott Base
Scott base, run by the Kiwis.  (New Zealanders)  It is about 3 miles from McMurdo.
We visited their souvenir shop, but are not allowed to visit anything else
without an invitation.
Another Mt. Erebus plume
Another great shot of Mt. Erebus, this one from Scott base.