First science crew off to WAIS!

Today, Nov 25th, at 9:17 AM local, our first science crew lifted off for WAIS in an LC-130 turbo prop.
WAIS is about 1020 some miles from McMurdo.  The flight is about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Weigh-in prior to boarding
All your bags, as well as yourself, need to be weighed in so the plane is not
overloaded.  We must wear our "ECW," Extreme Cold Weather gear per
regulations.  Here is Nicolai at weigh-in.

Jeff impromp-to birthday party
Geoff's birthday is today, and he received an imprompto party before

Krissy Models the snack pack
Patrick and Krissy modeling our snack pack "meals" we receive on the

Take off of LC-130 from ice runway
Here's the plane taking off with our crew headed for WAIS from the ice runway at McMurdo. 
Note the skis on the plane.

LC-130 with mountains in back