McMurdo Station

McMurdo Street
Here's the street out side my dorm (on the left).  It was during a light snow storm.  Enough to close the air field,
so there were no flights to WAIS for this day.

Same street, opposite direction
Here's the same street 180 degrees.  This direction, up hill, kinda, to the ham shack.

Metal Troll Sculpture hiding under a walk bridge
I don't know the story about this creation, but maybe I don't want to know.

Skua  Bird

Here's the about the only live thing I've seen here in Antarctica.
It's a Skua, an arctic seagull.  This was the third one I've
seen, and just happened to have my camera available.

Volcanic rock street
Here's the typical McMurdo street.  The "soil" here is all volcanic rock.
Surprisingly, it isn't terribly muddy.  It drains water well.  Heavy
machinery groom the streets often.

A full dinner plate
No, we don't eat penguins!  They feed us quite well here!  There's fish, cheese, potatoes, asparagus, and a
Salisbury steak.  Top it off with some orange juice, yum.  Been drinking plenty of that here to fend off the
common crud.  So far, it's working.

Aquarium creatures 
Here's the Crary lab aquarium room.  The Crary lab is a 20 some million dollar research lab, housing
about 4 million worth of hi-tech equipment you'd see in a typical university back home.
We don't get to see much wildlife in McMurdo, so they bring it indoors! This is actually a small part of an
aquatic research lab in Crary.

Sea Star 

Recycling waste cans
Recycling is very big in McMurdo.  We are expected to sort all our waste.  There's a garbage can in
our rooms, but we must take it to these and sort paper, plastic, card board, etc..  It all must go into the
correct bin.  All of our garbage is flown back to the USA for recycling and/or disposal.  The Antarctic
treaty does not allow garbage dumps in Antarctica.

My Bed
Here's my bed.  You think mine's bad; I won't show you the other guys'